21am is a brand new concept of product design firm, deeply rooted in Italian tradition but devoted to global thinking and innovation. Aiming to reconnect the design practice with the industrial and technological progress, we developed an exclusive product development process.

Our target is simple: to create new products able to deliver an improvement in quality of our everyday life through a wise use of the best technologies. Experience some of our works.


21am is not just a company, but a way of thinking about design, mankind, technology and objects. This is why we consider as one of our most valuable results a vivid debate on our blog: design philosophy, innovation guidelines, evolution of technology , changes in consumer behaviors, ideas and dreams about future, great design stories, all soliciting a new attitude towards our world.
Nove is 21am’s blog, but also an arena open for discussion. 21am itself is not a storyteller, but a movement investigating from different points of view the contemporary design thinking and, more generally, the relation between man, objects and technology. We will be happy if you will join the discussion.